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Meine Zeit In Deutschland

My first international trip was to Germany!! Cool right?

Public transportation!!! Now, I am not a fan of public transportation but as the saying goes "when in Rome do as the Romans". Yeah yeah I no that I am not in Rome but you get the picture. So needles to say, I boarded the train to Munich. I mean I am miles and miles away from home. A little over 4,000 miles to be more precise. So you are willing to do things that you normally would not do.

Like indulge in beer.

Drink up

“Noch ein Bier, bitte!.”

When you think of Germany what comes to mind? I think of OKTOBERFEST and chocolate. So if you head to Germany by all means go on over to Munich. Now I am sure that you can get a good beer anywhere (not that beer is good but that is just my personal opinion) but I went to Munich so... that's where I am going to speak of. You must go to a Biergarten (beer garden). Grab a Bier and Brat. Now as you're walking around looking at all the different faces do not be shocked when you see young faces drinking. Because the legal drinking age is 16! Yes 16!!


As you are eye goggling everything and enjoying the scenery you will hear glasses clank and the word "Prost". Which mean cheers. Even though I am not a fan of bier I did partake while I was way. I mean how could I not? So when you hear that raise your glass and cheers one another.

One thing that amazed me while visiting is that even though kids as young as 16 are allowed to drink, the atmosphere was still very inviting and happy. These kids new how to hold their liquor. They were not like us wild Americans that raided our parents bar and got aggressive because we didn't know how to cope once the alcohol hit out blood stream. They were tamed kids casually drinking as if they have been doing it all their life.

Paying for the potty

As I remember heading back to the train station to take the train ride back to Austria finding a restroom was number on the list for us all. Once we found one Guess what? You had to pay. At fist I thought 'how crazy'. But then thinking back to how clean the country was. I mean everywhere was clean. Out too!! Maybe that is something like the states need to adopt. Because there are times when I will give myself a bladder infection before using some of our facilities.

Top 3 places to visit in Germany

  • Englischer Garten (English Garden) located right in the center of Munich, Bavaria

  • BMW Museum. If you are a fan of BMW you will fins a model of nearly all models made.

  • The Olympic Park that covers 2.7 million square meters on a former training ground for the former Royal Bavarian army.


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