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Happy Birthday To Me!

Many women like to hide their age but I am not one. Being able to grace the world another year is a blessing. Especially after this past year, with the pandemic. So many people have lost loved ones and I sincerely feel for each and every one.

So I will shot from the mountain tops that I am 36 years old. I have been on this earth for 36 years! What a blessing.

As a child anything over 35 was old to me. But as a mature adult I know that I am just beginning to live my life. I am so happy to finally be at a point in life where I actually feel free. I feel like I have found myself. I am becoming the woman that I have longed to be. So here's to me and whatever the future may hold. The good, the bad and the ugly. I am ready. I'd love to say that I am exactly where I want to be, but truth is I expected to be farther along with my career and personal life.

With age truly does come wisdom. I am not the same person person that I was last year and that is such a compliment. The things that I allowed I no longer do and some things that I stood for, I no longer will. #GROWTH. But lets get back to the celebration.

Welcome to Miami

As you can see the festivities took place in Miami. This was a perfect place to find things to do without putting much effort into planning. I just wanted to get away and be free. And that is exactly what I did. Beaches, boats, bomb food, manicure, pedicure and tattoos.

Boats and Beaches

Rule number one, live each day as if its your last.

I'm no social butterfly but when I get away I do like to enjoy myself in things that I do not do on a regular. So for me that would be, 'shot shot shot shot shot shot'. Well not exactly shots, but drinks. And oh were they good. Pina Coladas and Berrytinis were the birthday go to drinks for us. I can see how easy drinking on a daily basis could be. I mean these drinks tasted like juice. Well I believed it was juice, until I had to stand up and brace myself from floating away. So needles to say. I enjoyed myself.

Inked up

So my BF and I decided to do a thing while we were there. We researched a few tattoo parlors while we were hanging out and walked right into Empire Ink. Yes I went out there and got a tattoo. We walked in told them what we wanted, the artist created the image and we walked out inked and happy.

We decided to get matching tattoos on our ring finger because we share the exact same birthday (story to be continued at a later date).

So now you can't tell me that I am not the coolest mother around. I could not wait to get back home to show my son, that had apparently no absolute interest in my minuet tattoo. But that is perfectly fine because the meaning behind the tattoo is everything to me.

Things to do while in Miami

  • Rent a boat.

  • Visit Sunny's. 1058 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 They are only closed for ONE hour a day. Need a late night drink? Sunny's. Nothing open and your still hungry? Sunny's

  • Beach, duh.

  • Get some Miami INK


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They say that brown girlz don't travel. They say that we do not read and live life to its fullest. Well here you will find that they are wrong. 

We live, we love, we laugh. #BrownGirlMagic

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