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Love at first sight

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Pizza! Yes you read the right. Now have I ate pizza? Of course. Will I eat it? Yes. But not your typical Pizza. I am not running to eat a meat lovers from your favorite pizza joint. No that is not me.

I like Pizza that does not have your traditional pizza sauce. I lost my love for pizza somewhere in the 5 year of my marriage where pizza, frozen and take out was too easy and convenient.

So if you catch me eating a pizza. Its probably a flat bread with some sort of health conscious sauce. Like the one pictured here. This particular one is from Papa Joes in DTW airport. The mix of the artichoke with the cooked tomatoes that gave it a sweet twist was superb. And get this. This was one of their new creations that they just stated making. PLEASE KEEP IT ON YOUR MENU.

Airport food can be amazing. Expensive but amazing.


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They say that brown girlz don't travel. They say that we do not read and live life to its fullest. Well here you will find that they are wrong. 

We live, we love, we laugh. #BrownGirlMagic

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