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"Ok Bye Rachet"

So last night as I sat behind my desk at work an agent came in to drop off his equipment and said "ok,Bye rachet".

I know some of you are reading this and thinking "I know that was followed up with a punch to the face." But let me explain.

Let's rewind the hands of time for a moment.

First of all, I had to look up the term. Yes I have heard it and I know how it's meant to be used but I like to give myself complete clarity.

Ratchet: is a slang term in hip hop that, in its original sense, referred to an uncouth woman." Also, know as "wretched" or "ratshit" as they call it in Louisiana.

So I googled rachet to get the meaning of it, and how come ya’ll never be told me that it's "Ratchet"? I guess with "Ratshit" being one of its variations it makes complete sense. But that also was a word I did not know until I just googled it.


I just wanted to write one more time now that I have the correct spelling.

My favorite motto:

“No one can be you like you. So be the best you that you can be.”

As someone that was always looking for my place in life to fit in, being called Ratchet was actually a badge of honor. Now I know your thinking "what?". Now I know the connotation behind the word but the name-calling hoodlum is unaware of who I really am and he is one of the guys that want to be cool and fit in. We all want to fit in right?

Before I go any further let's take a moment to stop here. Anything I say is not to be hurtful, but I also want to tell my whole truth. Because what's a good blogger if they are not telling you about their life experiences in its entirety, right?

From the moment I came out of my mothers womb I was called "Little Honky" (we will just use "LH" from here on out.)" Growing up I thought nothing of it because it was MY norm. One day I graduated from LH to "White Girl".

My school at the time was somewhat diverse. We all had our nicknames but we all got along. We grew up together so we knew each other and where to draw the line. Also we were all "mixed" of some sort. Like many of my readers.

As I got older and we began to go our separate ways I unconsciously began to look for a place to fit in. After finding my place in high school (which I enjoyed) I had to see where I would fit in at college. I was the only student from my school and class that went off to Columbia College of Chicago. While everyone went to Michigan State, Ferris and UOM. I was alone. I was treading the streets of a big city out of my comfort zone. I was 300 miles from my small home town where everyone knew me and my family.

Like most college students, my first friends were my roommates. One black girl and two white girls (is that even politically correct to say anymore?) With Gen Z patrolling every social platform I am not even sure what's ok and what is not. Again this is not to offend anyone in anyway. But back to the topic. Even with Chicago being such a big city with many different races and ethnicities somehow I still got labeled as "White Girl". But because I was called it all my life I didn't think twice by it.

Now fast-forward into my adult hood. What did everyone mean by that? I assume that my older cousin called me that because I graced the world very fair skinned. And relatives always have a nickname for. family members. The one who gave me the "LH" nickname has a name for everyone. I don't even know if he knows our real names.

So what did everyone else mean when they called me that. Now true they could have been referring to my complexion. But I like to think as I got older my melanin began to show up and show out. I am a sun kissed hue of gold. Or what I like to call butterscotch. Yes I am the only who says that. When I say that it tends to be followed by a stream of laughter. But its ok "Haters gonna hate". LOL

Own who you are

So after hearing a little of my back story (and that's just scratching the surface), you can understand why I was not upset. Now I am sure he meant it in an negative way but the bothered can not bother the unbothered. Make sense? He was unaware that in a sense, I have been waiting for this day. So thank you. I finally have my Ratchet (rachet) badge.

Others people opinion of you is just that. Their opinion. Yes words can hurt but we have to stop letting those words validate us. 9 times out of 10 the person calling you a name is a very unhappy person. Now am I "ratchet" by definition, No. But whatever you are wear it proudly, If you are ratchet. So what, own it. If you are calm, basic, classy, or loud. Own it. No one can be you but you and you are doing a great job.


Your Ratchet Girl


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