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So we were in Munich Germany so why not get a on a train for an hour and half to Austria!? Because #BrownGirlzTravel

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Home of Mozart

I live in a country where music has very little success, though, exclusive of those who have forsaken us, we have still admirable professors and, more particularly, composers of great solidity, knowledge, and taste.

A quote by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was hands down one of the bests composers. Born January 1756 and died December 5, 179. He was only 35 when he passed. Since I am only 35 now as I write this I feel like that is young. But I would imagine that back in that era he lived a long an filling life.

Now if you do not know who Mozart is I have one question to ask.

“Where on earth did you go to school and why did they deprive you all of his greatest pieces?

Now I wont go to far in depth over him. I’ll let you google him. But when you do sit down and relax as you listen to the greatest work of Mozart. Thank me later. So if you are in Salzburg please go pay tribute to him and visit his childhood home.

Love Locks

Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly..”

One adventure you must take is going over to the Salzach River and look at the span of

"love locks" on the fence, you can do it here in the state as well on the Brooklyn Bridge. But I think it makes is more special considering that is is in another country. Even if you are not in love with another soul buy a lock and put your name on it because one thing is for sure "you can't expect someone to love you if you yourself don't know how to love you".

My top 3 places to visit in Autria

  • National Park Gesause – A Rock Climber’s Paradise

  • Salzburg – A Date With Mozart

  • Krimml Waterfalls – Austria’s Famous Paradise


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They say that brown girlz don't travel. They say that we do not read and live life to its fullest. Well here you will find that they are wrong. 

We live, we love, we laugh. #BrownGirlMagic

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