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Would you stay at 60 School Street!?

Located in downtown Boston right along the freedom trail, Omni Parker House Hotel has been said to have some rather unique guest. Some of the world’s most famous frequented the Omni Parker House, like John F. Kennedy, William Howard Taft, The Beatles, Tiger Woods and the list goes on. Even Babe Ruth was spotted there having dinner and drinks.

The Omni Parker House Hotel was founded in 1855 by Harvey Parker. A 20-year-old farm boy from Paris, Maine, who arrived in Boston on a ship in 1825 with less than a 1$ in his pocket. This hotel is the longest contiguously operated hotel in the United States. Parker was an overseer and resident until his death in 1884. And get this, some say he never left!

So, what brought me to this hotel? Years ago, I took the Ghost and Gravestones tour that hyped this hotel up. It was said that there were mysterious things that happened here. So, me being a lover of fall and all things scary and unexplainable, I had to see for myself, if these things were indeed true or if it was all a hoax.

After short research it was said that two floors that have the most activity was the 3rd floor and 10th. So, you can guess which floors I wanted to stay on? Upon arriving we had a room on the 10th floor, but it was not ready, so we were switched to the 3rd floor. And oh, how I wished that we would have waited and taken the room on the 10th floor. But I'll get back to that later.

3rd floor visitors

It is said that Stephen Kings "1408" was inspired by things that happened in room 303. What's that? What happened in 303? Well, a longtime resident occupied room 303. He was known for the large consumption of Whiskey drinking and cigar smoking. Occasionally people complained of the smell of Whiskey and Cigars after the room has been thoroughly cleaned. Some guests have even said that they can smell the scent in the hallways passing by. In a hotel that no longer allows smoking. So, is he still lingering there or is this all imagined? There are strong arguments that this is true.

But the paranormal activity doesn't stop there. Guest said if you want to witness some extra-terrestrial activity you want to stay on the 3rd floor or the 10th. Elevators are always being called to the 3rd floor (where Charles Dickens occupied), without a button being pushed or guest waiting for the elevator. If you look closely enough, do you see him?

If you think the 3rd floor is active wait until you hear about the 10th.

Guest on the 10th floor

Although our new room was on the 3rd floor, we had to see what the 10th floor had to offer. Upon arriving at the hotel, I felt nothing. But that soon changed. Getting off the elevator on the 10th floor something changed. Not with me, but within my mate. He said that as soon as he stepped off his heart “jumped a beat.” As if he was anticipated something or if the atmosphere had changed. It was at that moment that I wished we were staying on the 10th floor.

As we walked around, we asked the workers if they have seen anything in their time working there. Some just laughed casually, and others told stories of feeling a presence as if they are constantly being watched or seeing things run by out the corner of their eyes.

Security has been summoned to room 1040 to answer a noise complaint on many occasions. Each time the room has been empty. Airport personnel have heard creaking rocking chairs keep them up all night. Yet there are no rocking chairs in the hotel. A mother and daughter were staying in 1012. The daughter woke up to find a gentleman dressed in 1800's garments standing at the end of her bed. He had a large grin while asking, "are you enjoying your stay?" When she smiled back, he disappeared. They later went downstairs to eat, and she was astonished with what she seen. A portrait of Harvey Parker. The man she seen.

Regardless of if you believe in the tales or not, this is a family friendly hotel that I would suggest you stay at least once in your life time. It is a Boston staple. The rooms are wonderful pieces of art. The Boston Cream Pie was created there. There is just so much history at 60 School Street.

I fell in love with a door on the 3rd floor. It looked like it may have been a newly renovated room. The rest of the hotel was dated. But this little section was more modern. As if someone cut the hotel in half and placed this room right there.

Would you dare?

So, the famous question, are you willing to stay a weekend on one of the haunted floors? Are ghost really a thing? Are the sightings a hoax to draw in the travelers or is it real? Do ghost pick and choose who they allow to see them? Although I am not pleased with the lack of activity, I would go again.


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